Good Luck Team Sacrifice!

Good Luck to Wade Simmons from Team Sacrifice. He is fighting Saturday night in Cullman. One of his team members who I don't know is fighting as well.

Good Luck to both you guys.

P.S. For those that don't know, Wade and I have talked and I apologized to him and his team for everything that transpired between us. He is a good guy and hopefully he continues to train hard and picks up another W Saturday night.


laughs nervously lol.

I am gonna choke you unconcious the next time we hit the mats...just don't hit me in the face please.

I challenge you to a special rules MMA match. And by "special rules" I mean, we start on the ground, no striking allowed etc. Kind of like a grappling match, but we call it a "special rules MMA match".

This is all to take into account that I am a pussy and don't like getting hit in the face.

From what I have heard(a friend of mine is involved in this promotion), Wade is not fighting. And the fights are Friday night, 4/11/08. I think his opponent cancelled or had a scheduling conflict or something. I don't know if they ever found a replacement or not.

What about the other guy from Sacrifice? I think on their website they have it listed as April 12, that's where I got the wrong date from.

Tell your friend good luck on his show.