Good Luck to George Sotiropoulos


George Sotiropoulos & Roman Mitichyan

hey buddy i like george sotiropoulos

Uhh... hey, buddy. *locks doors*


Rough em up!

George won't need luck.

George is a good fighter, too bad about the Tommy fight, he just didn't seem himself

Serious stomach suckage in those weigh in pics btw

Ah, it brings me much joy you support him heavily Kostakio.

Go George!

 I thought we were friends, inf0! lol



roman looks like hes not a poosy and if he loses he will be a depression

 Hi, inf0!  :)


 lol no thanks, Pundit. I think that'd be too harsh on you. Let's just stick to the standard ol' one month bet. :)


 I think Karo Parysian should face George Sotiropoulos next. A win over Parysian would surely propel George into contention (like it has for Alves now).