good mma school in columbia sc? near usc campus

 im looking for a good mma, jiu jitsu, judo, sambo, muay thai, or even kyokushin or shotokan karate school in columbia, sc preferably near the usc campus. any good suggestions?

CMA is not far from USC campus. They have some good training there. Mark Mills is a purple under Carlos machado and they're also a Erik Paulson affiliate. Ther are some other good schools, but I'm biased toward Mark's.

 i believe i had looked into that one. the website seemed like it was more focused on tma. i probably am wrong. do u have any more info on this school?

 i posted some more info on them on your other thread, but even though the website seems more based on tma the training itself leans more towards mma. There's grappling classes almost every night of the week(sun thru thurs i believe) and we also have MMA, muay thai, and we've also got a boxing coach that comes in 2 nights a week every other week. plus we've got about 4 or 5 active MMA fighters

i def should be looking into that sometime this week, tim. whos the bjj coach there? and can you tell me any more about it? i actually am kind of interested in some of the wing chun/tma stuff i saw on the website bc im sure they would be able to incorporate that well into mma and ive always been interested in those styles after seeing the influence in machida, gsp, and vitors games. the one thing i couldnt find was the pricing and info on that

 damon and justin are our bjj coaches and both are purple belts. we don't incorporate any of the wing chun/tma into our mma though. the fighters don't usually do those classes, it's an option but we just choose not to. for pricing, just give the school a call or drop by.


On decker blvd. Across the street from Dent middle school