good mma school in Savannah GA?

I am going to be working in Savannah, GA this coming week and was wanting to train a couple days while I am there.  Anyone know of any good schools that I could train at?

Thanks for the help!

i think there is a brown belt named garth that teaches at one of the ymca's there, he's REALLY good but i'm not sure how to get in contact with him.....

ttt for someone who knows.....


Drive up to Hilton Head, SC and go to Mushins' "Island Boxing" I think is the name. It's not a far drive from Savannah.

Garth is great as is Mushin.

Adam Singer
Athens GA
The HardCore Gym

I've trained with Garth numerous times he runs Coastal Combatives in Sav. He is a great guy and very good on the ground. He would come down to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center every thursday afternoon to help head our BJJ class.

If you want to box there is a great little boxing school run by a Hungarian named Josef in Brunswick. I have his number if your interested I'll set you up. 


Thanks everyone!

mitchlevi, I sent you an email.

KidJustice, thanks for the info, although Brunswick is a little far of a drive...