Good Morning

Friday at last! We'll I've got a fantastic day of MS Excel excitment ahead of me and that combined with the three bosses on the road today should make for a lot of time on the UG.

What have people got planned for the weekend? The GZ guys are planning a MTB ride somewhere north of Melbourne on Saturday which Rob tells us is going to be "easy" - so-says the ex-pro MTB'er!

And Sunday it is back to (BJJ) training! With three(?) competitions in the next six months i.e., BJJ Cup, NSW Circuit & Vic States, there is little rest for the wicked.

Canberra BJJ'ers: what are you guys doing between the 20th and Xmas? I'll be driving up and if there are some classes on I'd love to have a roll with you guys again.

How far Nth of Melb you guys riding?

Are you training tonight Jason?

Drizzle: I don't think so... still in that post-Pan Pac mode, however I will be there on Sunday. I may drop in on my way home however just to see who is about and say g'day to Rob (see how WA went etc). Next week I will definately be up to my usual tricks. Enjoy my absense 'cause you know what we will be drilling in the future: takedowns! Or should I say YOU will be drilling, as my body is only good for about 2 minutes of take-down action a day.

Keasts: sorry, I did write a reply but it didn't update. We are catching a train from Flinders to somewhere, and Rob is taking us for an "easy" 3ish hour ride. Remember Rob's easy isn't necessaryily our easy, him being an ex-pro MTB rider and all. Last ride I almost died during the hour long hill climb (near Hillsville at the dam) and pissed myself during the decent!

Ride to Shepp and have a roll with us and teach us a bit. Could be a great day, lots of hills on the way up here and back. ;)

Hey Jason, hows it going?

Us canberra bjj'ers should be around when you come down, we will train any day the gym is open. Drop past and see us on either a monday, wednesday or saturday.

Im sure you have the times, or give one of us a call.

you got one of our mobile numbers?

Thanks, look forward to a roll real soon.


Re the bike ride: we did about 4 hours around Mt Dandynong (sp?)- bloody rough around there since the recent storms! Dave 'Chopper' Colvin can now add 'BMX Bandit' to his name, and Andreas has earnt his first downhill insanity stripes. Well done lads!

Ben: things are going well, thanks for asking.

I spoke to McGoo on Friday and worked out that I will likely join you guys on the Monday evening before Xmas... I'll probably turn up at around 6.30 and just go on and on and on from there.

Santa's little helper also advised me that there are now a few Blue belts lurking in the National Capital... good to hear!