Good Muay Thai instructionals??

Im looking to purchase a good thai-boxing instructional....something that would hold up well in mma. What would the U.G reccomend? Thanx in advance


The JWP instructional is pretty good !

The Razor Rob DVD's are really good start IMO, and you can get them from the UG store for cheep and you get a bunch of stuff for free with it. Rob’s physique will make you feel bad about yourself the same way chick’s do when they look at supermodels, lol. No Homo.

Tiger Muay Thai is currently starting the filming of our instructional series.

The series will also be available as phone application within the next few months.

Authentic Muay Thai champions--teaching the techniques with MMA Instructor Ray Elbe helping explain the instructions in Clear English translation.

 Sweat! Keep us updated.

if you want real muay thai don't buy the bam bam muay thai series. american kickboxing maybe, muay thai no way.

The John Wayne Parr dvd is one of the best I have seen.

Thank you for all the responses,any more suggestions? Thanx again


Duke Roufus is doing so well with MMA standup---I'm sure his instructionals are loaded with good tips!