Good multiplayer games with girls?

My girlfriend commented that she wants to start playing videogames with me. She's not much of a gamer, though.

I know some of you must play games with your girlfriends. Any suggestions? Gamecube preferred, but I also have an Xbox.

I appreciate it.

Don't think there are any do the ironing or wash the dishes games out yet.

my gf was the same way, The Detriment. i bought Animal Crossing and Mario Party 5, which she likes. She's pumped about Mario Kart, but i'm waiting for xmas

Mario Kart is definately a contender.

It's gotta be fairly kiddy without too steep a learning curve. Nothing was funnier than seeing a bunch of girls claim they were "the BEST" at a multiplayer game and then owning them effortlessly. Rare is a great female gamer.

Spin the bottle.

Monkey ball for sure.

Do you own a PC. Nothing like taking your gf head with a railgun to get her interested in online play.

Would Monkey Ball 2 be a good one??

Ooh, Monkey Ball 2 is also a good one.

teris online for xbox, mario kart, mario party

Monkey BAll 2 is definitely a good idea. Also MArio party.

My girl loves to play Gauntlet with me. One advantage of co-op is that it never turns into "I'm better than you". It's all teamwork and partnership. I've tried a bunch of other co-op games like Hunter and Return of the King, but only Gauntlet satisfies.
It's just the right mix of simplistic and convoluted.

playing with your Monkey Balls together is definitely the best

D&D Heroes, Baldurs Gate and Hunter are what I played with my girl. Also the sims had a 2 player mode. She liked that.

Strip Mario Kart. That was a game my wife suggested we play last time we play Mario Kart. I won by the way. LOL

LOL @ Donkey Punch Country!!!

One advantage of co-op is that it never turns into "I'm better than you".ohh im so going to have to disagree there. my friends and i have almost come to blows playing 4player gauntlet dark legacy for the cube. everyone always bitches at each other for hoarding shit and they all accuse me of grabbing all the powerups. im a fucking archer, give me a break.

Xbox's Toe Jam and Earl III has been my gaming interaction with my wife. She gets freaky after we get to a new level.

I have to hide that darn Bubble game Bust-a-Move 4 when I hook up my Dreamcast though. It just gets her mad.

I love Bust-A-Move - I have a lot of fond memories of playing that game in the arcade as a kid. Then snood came out and ripped it off.

Hey Eddy - Good to see you posting here!