Good name for Craft Brewery?

Please assist with suggestions for a name for the craft brewery I am looking to open. I am looking for off the wall, poignant names. The name may be funny. I guess I would also like a possible mascot for the brewery so that could be included in the name.

Thanks for the assistance and advice heaped on me to date, I just hope threads don't get deleted again.



Thanks Meathook.

I enjoyed your contributions to the other thread. It pisses me off that they were deleted.

That's a perfect name.

I'll resubmit my two from the other thread.

Diamond Dog and coup d'etat.

Prehensile-ale would be funny.

You could have a monkey pulling a pint with his tail. Kinda like this, but holding a glasss in his hands.

LOL. I agree with Meathook:-)

I guess it is a better name for a beer.

I was thinking beer names too, not the brewery itself.

Hey Guys

Just to let you know, mt brewery has been registered and the name eventually turned out to be 2 Giant Eggs Craft Brewery. I had to give the Registrar several options and they accepted this one:-) I figured it was apt because afterall it takes 2 Giant Eggs to start a brewery in the first place.

BTW Meathook why are your threads always deleted?

Damn shame really as you had some really helpful input. I guess I am going to have to save your posts to disk in future.

I guess there is that; lol.

I can just see the double posts. Soon I'll have a post count to rival yours:-)


Kirik changed my log-in; so now it matches the name of my brewery; lol. I figured this would be the apt place to announce the change:_)

I'm enrolling in the ABG brewer's course which means I will have to spend at least a week in the US. Perhaps then I can meet a couple of you guys for a beer; or 2,3,4......


This just pisses me off. Who keeps deleting threads here?

Meathook is the victim of a regular thread deletion.

What part of the country will you be in?

I'll confirm that today and let you guys know. I might do a bit of travelling for a week or two after the short internship.