Good name for Gina's home video.

Okay, started from American Gladiators thread. Hey it add to cause, the HG cause! Beat Arkans@ss!!
Here's my Title:
Me in a Gi in a Gina.

she's catching the fupa i think. rip gina.

"she looks to me though like she'd be good in bed without a condom but not very good with one on. Any of you know what I mean? Some girls would be great with one on too but Gina looks like you'd need to take in all her dirty, sloppiness in order to trully enjoy her and that means no condom boys. Unfortunately that rules me out since I don't play sex with out the latex..."

I knew you guys would know what I mean. She's great masterbation material because when you're jerking off, you can imagine fucking her raw. Some girls, beautiful as they may be are more suited for kissing, caressing and making love too, not exactly the best image for jerking one off.

"Gina definitely falls into dirty little whore who looks like the girl next door that you want to bend over and raw dog until you blow man yogurt all up inside her. A condom on her would almost defeat the purpose. "

"One thing's for certain though fellas, if you're ever with Gina and no condom on, work as many quick nuts out as possible. She's not at all the type to bang once for a long time. Us older guys tend to go that route but make no mistake, work out as much man juice on her as humanly possible, in the alotted time frame. She's one that you'll tell the kids about later in life and you don't want to be telling a love story, rather a marothon gang bang session, with lots and lots of money shots. I have no doubt I could work out a good 5 to 7 nuts on her, given the proper preparation... "

Favorite Gina quotes from the UG


This guy has done his homework it appears.

Why is there a picture of Kyra?

doc, why the top left pic? wtf

btw, what home video are you guys talking about? Was something leaked?

Gina was cool about me not using a condom.

we should have prolly waited till AFTER the weigh ins though.

I've already said too much.....

"Gina Goes Down On Sub..."

Sounds good to me

Sorry about the Kyra pic, it was misfiled in the HOTTIES OF MARTIAL ARTS subfolder. Hope these help to make up for it.

   Lisa King

 Olga Bakalopoulos




Shannon Logan


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That is one sexy frog!

Did you pull the pics from the sexy frogs directory?

nothing hotter than some golden frog ass. :( fail

No one wants to look at 4 pics of Jeff Curran... cept maybe AM.  He wants to find out if he tastes like chicken.