good news/bad news + upa question

The good news

  • The foot lift/drag advice you gave me worked like a charm for the crossface defence when mounted, and trying the elbow escape
  • The upa advice worked great when oppents knees are under armpits.

The bad news

  • When I used the upa to get my guy off my chest I ended up in an arm bar.  I got out.
  • My training partners suck ass.  It is all kill or be killed.

Now the question

  • Is there a way to protect my arm after completing the upa technique successfully?

When a person is facing the ground and going for the armbar, that is the easiest armlock entry to counter. You should check out my back escapes DVD as I show the counter in that video.

Don't worry about protecting your arm- actively counter the armlock. Defending your arm is within the active counter.

Thanks again. Oh, more good news.  I tried using the posture you teach in UGP, and it worked great.  I didn't even try passing the guard, I wanted to stall to test out the posture.

I eventually made a mistake somewhere as he caught me in an armbar.  Now I am going to try pushing off his body as he goes for it next time.

interesting... I have shitty as mount escapes... Bolo lets go ahead and put those on DVD soon! ;)