Good night fellas!

Sleep is perhaps the most important activity for our physical and mental health. Get to it!

Not yet. 2 more hours.

Nighty Nite, 8 or 80 year old person. 

MMA Playwright - Not yet. 2 more hours.

How much sleep do you get a night?

8 hours, pretty much every night.

10 PM to 6 AM, at the very minimum.

pennviachoke - Pffft, it's only 830 here..I'm up for at least another 4 hours

We don't all have the luxury of scratching our buttholes while slow cooking a penne artichoke dish

Who needs sleep?  You can sleep when you're dead!!!!!!!!




Have been sleeping from about 10pm until 2 am and then getting up. Got 'unsynched' when we went to London in November.

It's now been about 10-12 weeks of 4 hours a night sleep. It's nice having all that extra time to study and do projects. I'm doing two classes (History and English) at the local University.