Good numbers for WRs/DBS?

I don't play football competitively, or any other sport any more for that matter lol, but I play pickup games in any sport that will pick me up. Anyhow, I've been watching a lot of football, and I'm sitting here 6'4" and around 200 pounds, so I was wondering what kind of numbers as far as major lifts, vertical leap, and all that stuff that decent receivers and defensive backs put up. I'm not looking to get into football, just curious.

For some athletic background on me, I played baseball and basketball in high school, not a bad basketball player, went from main guy on a BCI team to the last guy cut from an AAU team the next year, ran a little track in junior high but that was mainly just for fun. Played a little club soccer, had a spot (on the end of the bench lol) on my colleges regular interscholastic team had I taken it.

I'm figuring 2-3 days a week of powerlifting/olympic lifts, and a couple days of sprints/plyos should go a long way towards getting athletic as hell.

Thanks guys. BTW, Ryno, if I can find another good training partner (my old one is transferring I think) I think I'm gonna start some beginners Westside stuff when school starts and I have access to a weight room again. If I can't find a partner, I'll adapt as best I can.

Oh yeah, I'm not necessarily looking for just pro numbers, but maybe Division 1 or 2 NCAA. But whatever I can find will work for reference.

I've seen combine numbers before, but not too many gym numbers for pro's. You may want to search that out if interested.

I've found the specific exercises and drills they test, but no numbers yet. Judging by the exercises I wouldn't do very well lol Not compared to potential NFL players anyway. I'll keep looking though.

I don't remember where I saw 'em, but it looked like they were listed for every year.. I'll see if I can take a look around later.

And as far as Westside w/ a partner.. it's great to have one, but not necessary. Especially if they aren't into it like you are -- that will do nothing but hold you back and slow you down. I did fine without. But good luck though man.. I'm sure you'll love it.


Well, mainly I just wanted a spotter. The coaches make the ballplayers train together, so if I don't bring my own guy I don't get a spot without waiting a lot of times. Maybe I'll grab a soccer player while their in the off-season.

I walked on at a D3 school, but quit because I sucked (Surprisingly, there isn't much need for 5'6 150lb slow white guys who can't catch or tackle)

The DBs benched 225 for a handful of reps, ran anywhere from 4.4 to 4.8 40s and squatted 150% of their bodyweight approx 12 times.

Vertical leaps were all over the place from my dismal 20" to around 35"

I have those numbers at ome, but i may need a day or two to get them to you. I'm still trying to find weight belt info for someone else. The numbers are for college, i beleive. DIV I


Awesome, so I need to increase the reps on the bench and squat, my vertical is there, not sure about the 40, probably close but a bit off.

I've decided my goal in life is to be as big and strong as possible without being a slow lumbering ape. Money isn't that important, and a good family is as much a blessing from God as it is a product of hard work. So it's time to get swole.