Good opponent for Mike Tyson?

Out of everyone in MMA, who does everyone think would be a good opponent to face Mike Tyson in a UFC style rules fight?
And who does everyone think that would wipe the floor with Tyson?

They would be wise to match him up with someone who is not a top fighter to get the most out of the exposure he brings if he ever fought. Bob Sapp is an excellent K-1 opponent and for MMA, I'm not sure, but I'd say someone like Cabbage or Tank would be a good start for him.


DonĀ“t send in some clown against Iron Mike i think the one is Mirko FIlipovic the cro cop hits hard (Bob Sapp knows) and his left kick is the best in the world plus now he knows the ground work.

Royce Gracie

ME!!!.....wait....I dont fight.

How about Mike vs a second grader in a spelling bee.

Why not pick a currently great boxer like Roy Jones, Jr., or Oscar de la Hoya, or Manny Paciao.