Good place to stay in Dallas?

I’m there two nights, I told people I know from Texas I was going to stay downtown and they said that was a bad idea but didn’t suggest anywhere better. Is it a shit show down there?

Harry Hines is nice.

Anywhere outside of Dallas

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For context what are you doing here?

Debbie’s Place


Just tourist stuff like dealey plaza before going to Austin

I’m staying at a friends in Plano now


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South Oak Cliff is nice in the evenings!

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Do not stay downtown Dallas

I repeat

Do not stay downtown Dallas.

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Richardson as well.

Statler, Westin, and Hyatt are all decent hotels downtown but I wouldn’t go roaming around too much in general… it can get sketchy rather quickly.

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I’ve been to a few cities this year due to work, I’m assuming it’s not as sketchy as LA. That set a new bar for me

The warwick melrose is nice. I’ve stayed there a few times.

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