Good place to train in Lincoln,NE?

Long story short, apparently the community I live in has all kinds of
rules against registered sex offenders living in it.

So now I'm moving to Lincoln Nebraska. Any good places to train over
there? I'm looking for a good grappling place.


Don't move to Lincoln

Jope, why not? is it really boring?

What's the nature of your sex offender status?

I live in lincoln. It is boring. We have shit weather. We have far to many college kids than any city our size should.


Kearney is just about as bad, but Lincoln at least has Omaha close by.

Best way to train there is to just wander around 'O' street on weekend nights and practice take downs and subs on unsuspecting drunks.

serious repies only guys, is there any quality places out there?

The reason I ask the nature of your sex offender status is because one gym I know is near a daycare and the other is near a Planned Parenthood office.

JoPe is on a roll tonight.

either one is cool with me, what are the names? Are they quality?

i dont know how to drive in the snow(i have a moped, that i might not
be bringing with me), so i was lookinng for a place in Lincoln. I figure
its a college town there must be a jiu jitsu place at least?

I've been to Nebraska. In all honesty it has got to be one of the crappiest states in the country.

theshooter, how so? attitude wise or nightlife? ugly people?


Why would you say that? Do you also hate God? Puppy's? Titties? Love?

jope, i not really allowed totalk about it, as there is a lot of stuff
ongoing. lets just say i made a couple bad decisions at the aquarium
that day.

Was it the Tuna that got you in trouble or the Swordfish?