Good places to train in Montreal

I'm interested in knowing what my options are as far as schools in Montreal. All styles or good bases for mma training. Thanks for any suggestions in advance!

GAMMA for sure.

BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling, MMA. Fight Club on Saturday afternoon to put it together without the distractions offered by a class.

Gamma is the best place to train in Montreal.

Very nice people, very good instructors and top athletes.

Ben Meireles

Where does George St. Pierre Train in Montreal?? I'll be going there in about 2 years too see my family..cousins..uncles..etc etc

We're a bjj school that does mma too.

Check for details.

Try a class, it's free.

mackz, GSP trains at Tristar.

^ Thank you!! Is he there often? :( Wow it's a nice gym..!

Tristar is number one

TUF nubs.

Who's a tuf noob? I've been watching UFC since the mid-90s, Pride for the past 5 years, and i run a fight website called I am most definately not a noob when it comes to MMA, i have just never been in a position with enough time to train seriously. But my new year's resolution is to relax on work and enjoy life more, and part of that is finally start training.

Anyways, just thought i'd say that. For someone who's name is 'Respect' you sure don't show much.

And for those who helped, thank you very much. I'll look into these when i get back!

Merry xmas

yo Doc Savage

check out GAMMA