good punchcount for working the bags?

I never used to keep track of my punchcounts, but instead just the rounds I worked the bags.

Then after a long layoff, I was like, "now that my technical skillz are sorta back and endless rounds of jabs and crosses are starting to get boring, why not end with a couple rounds of high punch counts?"

The idea occurred to me in the middle of a round, so I got ~150 in in a 3' round (no idea at what point I decided to start counting). 30" rest and I got somewhere between 240-270 in the second round.

After that, I was pretty much done and took a nice loooong yoga class. Which is a lot of fun if you have no strength left.

So my question is, when working the bags, what sort of punch count do you look for when going for a high workrate? Obviously, working on technique will get you lower punch counts, while trying to emulate Diaz will increase that #.....

am i the only one who tranes, bros?