good rap

some good shit that I listen to a lot with my friends are...

Devin the Dude.....see what I can pull

Kilo & in the mouth

Outkast....throw your hands in the air

Big Tymers.....this is how we do

I like funky kinda guys know any stuff similiar?

here's some stuff..

can be found on a p2p I'm sure.

"Risky Business" - Murs ft. Shock G & Humpty Hump



The Roots with Roy Ayers - "Proceed II"

The Roots feat. Mos Def - "Double Trouble"

Dilated Peoples - Expansion Team- "HardHitters"

elusive & l roneous - dreamweavers - "auto pilot"

try out my devin the dude song with some bass, it won't disappoint, it's the fuckin shit.

Killah preist is way tight
Mos def
bronze nazereth
coco brovas
east coast underground in general