Good Running shoes

What are some good running shoes? If it helps I am 6'0 210.

What are some good running shoes?

It depends. Do you have normal foot? flat foot? high arch? Are looking to pound the pavement? run trails? race?

Your best bet is go to a shoe store for runners. The sales people should analyze your foot and stride and then make suggestions based on the results.

Mizuno, New balance, Saucony.

Agreed - go to a running store. The extra money you're going to pay for good shoes is completely worth it and you'll have someone to analyze your needs and suggest the proper shoes.

I, too, wound up with a pair of Brooks and love them.

Thanks for the advice will do.

brooks are my fave too but they don't have a slot for the nike+ sensor...

does anyone have any experience with any attachment devices for the nike+ sensor?

does anyone have any experience with any attachment devices for the nike+ sensor?

The nike + ipod system? I do recall that it can be used as a tracking device because the transmission isn't secure.

asics gel kayano...I was fitted by Jeff is the website...somr great info.

And i am 6'3" 230lbs btw...

paw- good looking out... i do most of my running on a military base and am pretty sure i cn handle myself

i finally bought this - for my non nike+ shoes

i also own 2 pairs of nike plus shoes... the 180s and the equalons... i have heard that the equalons are best for big people

Several years ago I ran in a few 5K mini-marathons. In one of those they gave away a coupon to a shoe-store. It was one of those dedicated runner's store. Staff had me run on the store treadmill, checked my stride and what not ,and finally recommended me this ugly-azz Saucony running shoe. I took it with some reservation, as I was eyeing a Nike, which the helpful staff told me would just be the wrong shoe for my foot type. And man! what a difference that pair of shoe made in my running! That thing fit me like a glove and while running there was none of those minor tweaks, pinches, loose ends etc. at all.

Brooks beast

best cushioning shoe out there. take care of knees and feet.