Good shake blender???

I'm interested in starting to blend protein shakes.

My question is: Can anyone recommend a good quality, easy to maintain blender at a fair price?

Thanks in advance,


if you're only blending a protein powder and a liquid, then a big nalgene bottle should work fine. Just add the protein powder to whatever liquid you have, and then shake heartily.


Any suggestions if I want to start adding other things to blend? I've seen little, personal type blenders that you can blend in, drink immediately, and that wash easily, but have no idea what the brand name is or where to start looking.

Any help from the shake drinkers?



Anyone here use a blender? If so, what kind and why?


I'd buy a hand mixer and mix in a big cup, way easier on dishes.

I use an Oster blender but if I didn't have it I would go with ChemicalSage's suggestion and get one of those hand held mixers so you can mix and drink in the same container.


or you could get whatever's cheapest and drink from the pitcher

Just get a shaker cup.

i just use those tupperware 16 oz containers.. i put about 12 oz of water and then all my powders... but right now all my powders mix easy..

i have an oyster (sp) blender that was real good for shakes and easy to clean as well..

makes good mixed / ice drinks as well..

Unless you're going to crush ice or use it in food prep a stick blender is perfect.  It's also just a good too to have in your kitchen in general. 

Gotta agree with the stick blender.. those things are the best.

Blend your stuff, then just run water over it right away to rinse it off. I haven't really washed mine since I got it a few years ago (yeah I'm a nasty SOB).