good shimewaza video

Hey does anyone know of a good shimewaza tape of just choking techniques?


Not a video but I think there is a book titled "shimewaza" By Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki (I can't believe I can recall his entire name).

Check out Mike Jen's Ultimate Gi Chokes. Joe Moreira demonstrates while Mike narrates.

4 tapes on collar chokes. Chokes from closed guard. Chokes from open guard. Chokes from the back without your hooks in. Chokes from the back with your hooks in.

They are excellent tapes that cover choking, mechanics behind the chokes, transitioning from one choke to another, transitioning to different chokes depending on an opponent's resistance, breaking down posture and a whole lot more.

Although Mike teaches BJJ, all of the material on the series is applicable to judo.

Also, he is currently having a holiday video sale, so you'll save some cash if you buy now.

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If you are looking for a single video Roy Harris has a single video: Secrets of Collar Chokes (also featuring Joe Moreira. I have not seen it, but have heard excellent reviews.

I have that tape by Roy Harris and Joe Moreira. Very very good. Lots and lots of details about the mechanics.