good shotgun to buy?

What is a good shotgun to buy for home defense? I am pretty ignorant to guns, so basically any info would be highly appreciated. Thanks dudes

410 street sweeper.

Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 are popular choices...take it over to the Weapons forum!

I own a 870, bought it in 1976. I competed with it for about 10 years then changed to a 3200 over under. I cant complain about it. I sent thousands of rounds through it and never had a problem, I still own it today.

I have friends who have used the Mossberg for as long and they never had a problem.

Cost is good for both.

You can change the stock and barrel easily on both and go from SD, to hunting to competing.

Accesories are unlimited for both.

Hi Kwc,

Best shotgun for those who haven't spent too much time with them is a double barrel.........

Simple to use, robust, won't jam, won't break, easy to maintain and you've got 2 shots...........

Read "The truth about self protection" by Massab Ayoob. Even he recommends a double barrel shotgun.

My brother and I do Olympic Trap shooting, and given the choice of ANY shotguy, I'd still go with the double barrel........I've seen demo's where a guy with a double barrel out shoots (in sheer number of rounds) a guy with an auto.

Besides, if you can't end the conflict with 2 shots, your in real deep yoghurt.


While some may prefer the double barrel, i want to have as many shots as i may need. You never know what may happen if you actually engage in a shoot out.

I, too have a 500 that I love!

I TTT'ed the 870 vs 500 thread. Read up.

Ray, do you do international Trap shooting or is it ATA?

I love the over Under, the heavy barrels keep a smooth motion.

Hi Dark Knight

We do International Trap........

I shoot with a Browning B5 Trap made in Belgium (1977), and my brother shoots with a Beretta S682E.

You could describe one as the Rolls Royce and the other the Ferrari.

The only problem I've had with mine is that the ejector snapped........but it kept shooting, till I got it replaced.

These guns just keep going and going and going. A friend of mine.......his Browning is at least 50 years old, all the bluing is gone, but he still scores well.

I also like the Ithaca pump, but am always scared of "short shucking" in times of stress.


When I shot International Trap I had the 870. You lose you sight picture when you shuck it. The Over Under or Doubles keep you right on target for that second shot.

I did ATA the majority of the time.

I went to the Olympic Training Center in 1980 for trap shooting, thats where I met some great shooters, and they were not on the US team.

I'll sell you my Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag if you want it.

I need to raise some cash.

How much?

I have a Benelli M1 Super 90, 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun. Highly recommended by M. Ayoob.

Off the top of my head I'd say $400, but I forget what figures I came up with a while back.

Give me a bit and I'll see what I came up with last time I considered selling.

It's in very, very good condition. Solid wood stock and grip, blued metal. It has the optional shock-absorbing pad that they put on some of the models, but I forget the official name.

for mrarmbar2you:

Nice setup. I'm guessing that it's preban, or is it okeydokey to put an extension on a pistol gripped semi? I was checking out an M3 and the gunshop ninja told me the PG ones are shipped w/o extensions because of some silly law... never took time to check it out.

I'm not sure about the stock with a pistol grip, but I do believe you are limited to a max of 5 rounds in a shotgun nowadays. If there is a law that applies to it, it would be a apart of the 94 assault weapon ban.

I just checked with some others and they state there isnt a restriction other than the limited capacity for hunting. I must have mixed up the actual law with some proposed law or something I read.