Good Sites/sources for MT tapes??

Anyone here think they could point me in the direction of a good site or hook me up with a source for Muay Thai or other good kickboxing tapes??


Visit a Thai, Vietnamese or Lao Grocer if you have one in your area. Someone there probably tapes fights from Bangkok with their satellite. They're also pretty cheap as well. The average price that I have seen them go for is about $5/tape.

I don't think I have any down here.

Yeah, I know of a Thai restaurant nearby, but no grocers.


ask the restaurant owners??

The guy that runs the west side location has tons of tapes.

Muay Thai X-Treme KO's Vol. 1

Thanks for the info guys!!

OneScoup, could you give me a description of them?? thanks

lol, page not found.

i bought mine at a lao grocer on VCD format - works in dvd player or cd-rom. i could burn you 5 vcd's cheap. that's about 6.5 hours of footage.