Good sites with resistance bands?

Following the advice of some forum members, I just got some resistance bands/tension cords from Bodylastic. It came with a free DVD which was really cheesy and not that helpful. Anyone have links to good sites that has good workout routines with elastic resistance bands/tension cords?

Thanks in advance for you help!

Look into T-Nation's articles. There is a lot of articles on cable or resistance band work and how to add it to strength workouts. I dont recall the website but I thinks it the Perform better company, they have some articles by JC Santana. He is the founder of the Into Combat. He offers alot of good DVD material on reisitance band training. Go to, great articles on resitance band articles also.

Go to this site, and check out their training library. These are geared towards jumpstretch/ironwoody/superbands type of bands. However, its all adaptable to some degree.

Also, check out a cheesy site affiliated with bodylastics...
There is not too many full blown workout sites. Most people combine elastic/band training with either weight training or bodyweight training or both. You will have to design your own routines.

I have a set of TNT cables from Lifeline, and the workout pamphlet you get with the TNT cables is bodybuilding movement oriented (worthless). I bought them with the recent sale, so you get three sets of different resistance levels for the price of one. Yesterday's conditioning workout was tabata based: dumbell swings, barbell thrusters, TNT cable rows, TNT cable presses, and sledghammer tire strikes.

Experiment, find what works for you and what you need, then create your own routines...