Good software to edit videos???

I need to edit an MMA video i got from the internet...make it shorter and what not...what's a good software that will help me do that???

Thanks in advance

adobe premiere is good stuff if you know how to use. for real simple stuff try windows movie maker that comes built into xp

Chris has said it all!!!

final cut pro

never tried the rest. Just starting out but....
UleadVideoStudio8 does the trik 4 meh ...cuts , adds music etc...

Now where to dump the files ...hmmmm

I use vegas its badass

From home PC..

If you only want simple fun sort of stuff then windows movie maker does a great job.

For more important projects I use a Canopus program called EZDV. If is not too expensive but you can edit frame by frame. Most of the editing stuff that comes standard with DVD burners and DV Cameras is pretty lousy in my experience.

My name's Ed Doty and I'm an editor for some of your least favorite TV
shows, as well as the Director/Editor of Life in the Cage.

I edited "Life" on Adobe Premiere 5.1 (MAC version) and I swear to god,
you could threaten to kill my mother and I will never edit anything on
Premiere 5.1 EVER again. Especially on the deadline that I wa with
"Life". That being said, Adobe finally pulled their heads out of their
asses and FINALLY got it right with Preimere Pro (technically version
6.5 if you're keeping track).

Premiere Pro FINALLY allows multiple sequences per project, better
audio mixer, slightly less insane media management, a VERY decent
color corrector (on par with Final Cuts, not as good as Avid Symphony,
of course).

Vegas is decent, but Premiere Pro offers a LOT of interactivity between
any other Adobe products (like Photoshop and After Effects). For
instance, if you import a photoshop image, you can manipulate its
layers IN Premiere. Same goes for After Effects Compositions.

If you're a Mac user, FCP is the way to go. If you can't afford FCP4, FCP
Xpress is fairly decent, as you can do most of the things in FCP4, just
without some of the bells and whistles.

Overall, I prefer Avid Meridian 11.1, or Avid Adrenaline above any other
system, but neither of those are consumer level.

If this is waaaayyyyy too complicated for what you're doing, than
Windows Move Maker (which should be free with Windows XP) or iMovie
for Mac (which comes with OSX) should be more than fine. You can
add music, basic transitions, etc.