Good Source for CBR files?

When on the PC I really enjoy DeadAgain's comics that he posts as images.
Unfortunately on mobile platform they are hard to read, because you can't zoom in the app. And if you go through a browser, you still have to zoom, scroll, move and such.
I got a great CBR reader, ComicFlow, for iPad.
Now all I need is a source for CBR files to download. If you have any suggestions, please share. Phone Post 3.0

All comics on release day and tons of old stuff Phone Post

How does something like ComiCat and torrents compare to Comixology? I'm thinking of downloading back issues. Phone Post

It compares well. Where it lacks is the panel by panel ability that comixology has. No big deal tho Phone Post

Tpb - the team there has them up withing a week max from release date and with good quality.

Don't forget to buy the orignals too though :)