Good start to philosophy?

What are some good books to start off getting into philosophy? The only philosophical work ive read so far was Sophies world by Joeseph Gaardner, but i was thinking of getting ishmael next. But im new to this, so any advaice would be appreciated.


I TTT'd an old thread for you "beginner"

That has some good suggestions.

What do you think your primary philosophical interest is? Metaphysics, ethics, etc...


yup, check that thread vermonter recommended and brought back to the top.

Check out that thread because it's got some good choices on there. Also, some people that I know just prefer to read origional texts when beginning in philosophy. If all else fails, just pick up some of the Platonic dialogues (Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Republic, etc.) and just start reading.

You could also check out this site:

study abit online, instead of buying a book

I found that when I started reading philosophy, I could read Colin Wilson and think always that this guy was talking directly to me. Its simple, easy to read and interesting. More difficult authors can be picked up later. See e.g. the Outsider, a classic.

Tries these sites out for size:

Check out the first one first, as it gives you a primer on logic and other philosophic vocabulary.

I took philosophy in college. There are some excellent text books filled with various philosophers from Socrates, Plato, Sarte, Nietzsche and many others. You can pick up an old used copy at your local community college most likely and you'll get a good general outlook on western philosophy.