Good Strength and conditioning podcasts?

Just looking for something in the s&c field. Hopefully listen to interviews and gain some knowledge, what do you recommend?

I’m looking for some too. Jeff Nippard had one that was quite good but there aren’t many and he ended it a while ago.

Its just called ‘The Jeff Nippard Podcast’.

Doesn't Mark Bell have one? 

I listen to 'High Intensity Health' on occasion. It's aight

Stan Efferding Content - Podcasts that have him and his video content on youtube

Mark Bell's Power Project and Mark Bell Super Training Gym

Barbell Shrugged

Muscle Intelligence/Ben Pakulski

There are tons of really great ones specific to a sport if you use those kinds of keywords while you're searching for content.



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Ive realized theres not really anything I can learn anymore. But for entertainment Greg Doucette is good and he is straight up.

He is on youtube though, Im not sure about podcast.

Mark Bell’s Power Project is awesome

I like Randy Santel’s videos.

Coach Robb podcast (Robb Beams)  He works a lot in the motocross industry but also works with triathletes, cyclist, etc. I would consider him a sports physiologist or a human performance  coach.

He puts out tons of free content just to educate people.  He sort puts everything together and emphasizes proper rest.  He is big on pushing nutrition that is actually sustainable.  

The Delray Misfit Podcast :) hahahh 

Thanks everyone! One I just remember

is Dan John's podcast. He has a ton of great info

Starting Strength Radio with Mark Rippetoe is good. I also like Muscle for Life with Mike Mathews. 

For realistic information Dan John's podcasts are on YouTube, he is the best.


My podcast is not about strength and conditioning by any stretch of the imagination but my co-host Ryan is a long term powerlifter and he has put me on a lifting and diet routine that we talk about fairly often on the show. If you ever have questions about lifting or diet you can always call into our show and ask him. 

Barbell Logic 

Barbell medicine