Good Striking Camps

Well I probably will be fighting in March and would like to visit a good striking school for a week or so (thats all I can take off of work) in preperation for that...

Lets hear it.....where should I go?

I live in Oklahoma

Oh yeah email is good

Ryan ur welcome to my gym in Tx.

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Where at in Texas?

You got mail bro.


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wow usually when people post videos of them hitting pads it look really horrible but i am very impressed

Thank you very much Sir I appreciate the kind words. :)

Looked good, pad holder knew what he was doing for sure. A good pad holder makes a TON of difference, and a bad pad holder could make a world champ look terrible.

Go visit Saekson in Texas.

Looking very quick and smooth there, both the striker and the pad man...


Guy's thank you for the compliment. The fighter is Jose Luis Medranos. He started with me 6 months ago and he is alot better then that now. His hard work will pay off in the future. He fights in Dallas Tx Jan 20th @ Texas Gladiators Challenge. If we get video of his fight ill try and post it.

Funny thing about the video is Jose trained for 3 1/2 hrs prior to doing the video and he was super tired. :) Maybe we can make another sometime when he is fresh.

All the best,


That was a nice video clip.

head down to jackson's... not a striking camp but an all around camp...
and greg kicks ass

i may have to do both, where is greg jacksons? Any contact info?

greg jackson;s is in ABQ i believe