Good takedown video?

I have no experience in regular wrestling - only judo and jiu-jitsu. I would like to improve my wrestling type takedowns ie: singles, doubles, ankle pics, transitions, etc. I need a recommendation for a good video that shows the basics, setups, and combos.

Any recommendations?

Is Darrell Gholar's video any good?


both Darrell Gholar's Ultimate Wrestlin for MMA (9-7-5) video, available at, and his "Vale Tudo Takedowns" video, available at, have gotten rave reviews. The are made precisely for people with little to know wrestling background, but who want a concise, yet detailed, discussion of the most high percentage of takedowns in MMA and in a pure grappling environment, as well as the defenses to them. If you want to know a bit about the tapes and what is one them, click on the thread entitled "9-7-5's".