good they don't test for steroids.

just saying good thing...these assholes that do them and question is one hundred thousand or even one million dollars wprth playing with your kids...get the fuck out of here, and get real...namiste

Whats in your glass tonight? Capt & diet for me :)

Drew "drunk as a skunk" Fickett!!!


drunks make good hypocrits


"Roid muscle is worthless"
LOL. Fuck you're an idiot.

"2 ass whoopin's in a row for drew. he's a lil steamed i guess"

His last fight before Karo was a win in the 3rd round by RNC over Kurt some research...dick

Anyway...I don't see what's confusing about that post. He's saying that playing with his kids (future kids) is much more important to him than improving himself physically by taking steroids. Steroids are a risk he's not willing to take...seems pretty straight forward to me.

I think he was saying is that money worth playing with your sperm count.

Grey goose and vodka in a tall glass please!

Grey goose AND vodka. Now that's a mixed drink.

What's up with all the noobs immediately going asshole every time a pro posts on the UG these days?

Hey Drew, just wanted to say, I thought your fight against Karo was great, showed fucking tons of heart and you beat the shit out of him, when no one was giving you a chance.

Drew did beat the shit out of Karo, but Karo beat just a little more shit out of Drew. Awesome fight.

There are way more alcohol related deaths than those even remotely related to steroids. Pick your poison.

Equipoise will help cardio and endurance. You can train more frequently as well. Result is hard muscle. No weight gain or bloat unless you eat to much.

ttt for The Master

roids make people money. it's sad, but true.

Hey, he gave Karo a run for it, more than I've seen quite a few other guys do, I got tons of respect for the guy cause he left it all out there. and I didn't make the ninja team.

ttt for namasite & vodka