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Fired Maine border officer wins $285,000 settlement

The Rangeley woman said her supervisor told her ‘a woman’s place is in front of the oven’ and disparaged her Catholicism.

A former U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer in Maine has received a $285,000 settlement payment from the government after filing a federal lawsuit last year against the Department of Homeland Security.

The lawsuit filed by Rebecca Albert Carnot accused her supervisor of discrimination and creating a hostile work environment based on gender and religion. It also said the supervisor retaliated against her for filing a complaint by firing her.

In her complaint, Carnot accuses Pease of repeatedly telling her that “a woman’s place is in front of the oven,” that a woman should have her husband’s supper “hot and ready” when he gets home, and that unmarried couples living together at the same address were “living in sin.” The complaint said he also disparaged the religious Masses of Carnot’s Catholic religion as “more of a gym workout than a service.”

Carnot, now 34 and married to the man she had been dating while working at the border station, said she has worked as a store manager in Rangeley since shortly after she was fired by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Carnot said that while she enjoys her new job and co-workers, she still blames Pease and others who worked at the border port, saying they “ruined my career in law enforcement.”

how is she managing a store from the kitchen?

Probably means she's managing the kitchen in the store