good used mat source ?

I remember running across some real good deals on the board here for mats that had been used only a few times at tourneys. If anyone could provide the link or email for a good source for slightly used mats again it would be most appreciated.


Call up Zebra mats.


No! Really!

the glue on zebra mats comes apart too fast and youll get seperation between the foam and the covering. they have sponsored a lot of judo events of late and every single competitor whose been around will tell you that the mats are just sub par.

the guy who owns zebra buys his mats from a manufacturer that is widely known in the judo world to not not have an equal product.

flat out.. go to swain sports... 800-662-4616

we've had Swain mats under constant use for 15 years-- from yoga classes to judo classes to TKD and SD and the varsity judo team training nightly.. they are still as good now as ever.

Cant you buy some of the mats after the pan am games? I think you can. anyone know?

i too have seen this, but still believe them to be decent mats. for home use they would work, for school use, i dont know.

My buddy has Swain mats in his school...He loves them and they seem to be holding up well.