Good uses for leftovers?


Cheese, pulled pork, drizzle of sauce, chopped onions and jalapenos over chips.  That is 2 of the foods in Heaven's Cafeteria combined into one.

 Any leftover meat I have usually just goes into a sammich.  Stuff like mashed potatoes turns into potato pancakes.  Or that combo gives you a head start on some shepherd's pie. 

 I don't have much on leftovers since I rarely have leftovers.  That's one reason I'm so doughy. 

leftover meat and rice automatically go for fried rice

sandwiches, random stirfrys, random stews, taco/burrito filling. Chili is a good idea, and nachos is a damn good idea (why didn't I think of that?)

Had a couple grilled pork chops left over and made fried rice tonight using thin slices of pork, garlic, green onions. Pretty damn good... thanks for the idea!

damn you guys are so creative

i usually just ate the same shit the next day for lunch