Good weight loss plan?

I want to keep the muscle I have. I want to get my body fat down but I still want to gain strength if I can. I weigh around 185 and want to cut down to 160-165. Should I start scrappers workouts and hit the cardio hard? Should I forget the weight training for a while?

As for diet, I think I should lay off fats and proteins and processed carbs. Or am I wrong?

You want to be eating lean proteins, fruit and vegetables, good fats and some starches to fill out the diet, if you need the extra calories.

Instead of doing aerobic cardio, you could try running intervals. Here's a good interval plan:

Taku's Intervals

Scrappers workouts are great, any type of resistance workout will do.

What lifts should I really focus on for mma? I was thinking military presses, deadlifts, cleans, and squats.

Good thoughts, you might want to add power cleans, pull ups and dips. Any compound exercises are great.

Pardon my ignorance, but compound means involving multiple muscle groups at once right?

An example being dips because they are chest, triceps, lats, etc....?

Are Scrapper's workouts to be done every day?

"As for diet, I think I should lay off fats and proteins and processed carbs."

Well that's certainly going to help you lose weight. But only because if you eliminate those three macronutrients there is nothing left to eat.


lol, i meant good fats and good carbs and lean proteins.

I just started Scrapper's routine. That is brutal shit. FUCK YOU SCRAPPER. ;)

Im startin the South Beach Diet. I ll tell you in two weeks if it works.

Right, compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at once. Dips are mainly chest and triceps.