good yoga video

between work and class I don't have time to attend yoga. Can anyone recommmend a good Yoga video for Bjj?

Stephen Kesting's Martial Arts Yoga is pretty good - I enjoy the workout although I don't train or fight.

For general yoga workouts, Rodney Yee, Baron Baptiste, and Steve Ross are all good IMO.

i agree wholeheartedly...get mr. kesting's dvd @



^ I need to check that out. Gaiam makes one featuring Rodney Yee
called Yoga for Strength / Power Yoga ? that's great for athletes
capable of more advanced yoga... not specifically catered to martial
artists or anything though

Kesting's is good...I own it and enjoy it


big fan of this one from Bryan Kest. It is also cheap for a 3 hour DVD.

I have the strength for yoga. pretty good though I don't use it much - i mostly make it to class

any free videos on internet to download

rodney yee is a pretty big name in the states for yoga.

Yee's Power Yoga is great - I have a basic workout that has 3 25 minute sections for flexibility, stamina, and strength, as well as an hour that incorporates them all together. If you can get through the full hour it's a fantastic workout!

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