GOODBYE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to say that this is my last time here or anyone will hear of me. I officially quit MMA. For anyone I have ever offended, I am sorry and if vice versa I forgive you. My amateur boxing record is 10-3 and pro mma is 1-5 (in my mind 3-3 because I never lost that Berube or 1st lane fight). I did my best and I had management that screwed me and my mental status. Now I am a proud Middle School Teacher. I am in great shape but decided to retire because MMA the sport died. It has no honor anymore and it is a business. I could have done alot better but I had no mental training because of bad management and tricky businessmen. I only blame myself. I lost the passion for this sport, 99% Promoters and 99% Fighters. I know if I came back this year I would have done great. I would like to thank only these names: ANDREW PARKER for always calling me and checking up on me, CHRIS BATEN helping me train for the Berube fight, RALPH GARCIA letting me train for Berube fight for free when I was broke, JONATHAN FERNANDEZ my best friend and training partner, MIKE MORRIS my best friend and training partner who has FL KO record of 5 seconds, THE ROOSTER offereing to train me against Reynolds at one time, AND JOE VALDEZ for giving me chances and taking care of me, THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye, like anyone cares, and to this FAD and Cultish Sport. I have a Masters Degree and I teach and I don't live anyone's dreams through other people. By the way, John Morrison "Breakit" after I apologized many times, you still made fun of me and stalked me all over this forum. That is real sad for a 48 years old with family to do that. I will pray for you my bother. I am born again and love life. GOODBYE!

We need teachers a lot more than we need fighters, good for you and good luck to you,take care.


I feel like I never got to know you... So long dude.

 you lost to monsta lobsta?

call me sometime

as a former middle school teacher, hats off to you.  

voicesinmyhead4ever, imo.

 monsta lobsta just gained a few more cool points in my book

Who cares. Who are you? As a teacher I would expect better sentence/paragraph structure.

 fuck you quiter...get out.

UUUUUmmmmmmm....... riiiiiiiight.......



I'm going to have to ask you to come in on...........




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Yeah who gives a fuck. you are a mud with 200 posts that has a join date of 09. Fuck off.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe - Yeah who gives a fuck. you are a mud with 200 posts that has a join date of 09. Fuck off.

 I had to LOL

You've never offended me.. but why would you quit MMA because of a few yahoo's on a message board??? Glad you had friends elsewhere... but I'm sure you had some here too???


I didn't read a word but......


hes like a reverse rich franklin