Goodbye Holyground

I have enjoyed much of this forum. Rev John, Pastor Sherm, Joshua, Donny Troy, all my catholic buddies, and many more have helped me to ponder and grow.

I hope I have helped, inspired, or contributed something postive for someone here. I find this forum brings me down lately more than it lifts me up. Therefore, I will be spending my computer time in catholic chat rooms and forums as I enjoy them very much, and they help me to grow in holiness.

Take care everyone,


Hi, Cherrypicker!

I hope you have fun!

I know what you mean.

This place has not been a room to share good thoughts lately.

But I still think this is an interesting place to meet people from other religions that also practice some kind of martial art.

Tell me, what does your e-friends at the other catholic forums think about MMA?

I'm very sorry to see you go my friend.

yours in Christ


Im sorry your gone too...We'll miss you.

Hey bro, sorry to hear you're choosing to leave us over some negative vibes your pulling from here as of late. Might I be so bold as to render this thought to you before you go? Couldn't you hang around and be part of the solution rather than announcing a problem and then leaving? If you're abandoning this forum due to some negativity (whether real or imagined), where does that leave the rest of us? We're still left surrounded by this negativity. Couldn't you stay a while longer and do your best to try to bring positive, uplifting, and edifying posts to this forum and at the same time minister to some of us? Yeah, it'd be a sacrifice, but aren't we worth it? (end guilt trip)

No matter your choice, I pray that you'd continue to grow in God's love.


cherrypicker, buddy, Have you tried e mailing the rev and let him know about your concerns?

yours in Christ


What were you looking for? What are you finding in the Catholic chat rooms that you're not finding here?

It's an interesting place. I keep telling myself that I'll never come back because it's not like I usually get a spiritual high here. But there's something magnetic about it. I'm always back. I don't participate much, though.