Goodluck Juarne!!!!

Just wanted to wish on behalf of all the lads at PUMMA Studios a big good luck tonight bro. We're proud of you and will be cheering loudly tonight during you're bout against MUNDINE.

KID DYNOMITE blowin up!!!!

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ttt for Juarne!

Good luck mate!

Good Luck from everyone at SPMA. We'll be cheering you on tonight!



good luck Juarne hope you can knock him on his ass

Good luck Juarne and to all the other fighters also.

make him put on some weight Anthony !

Heard Dowling has been doing a fair bit of sparring with Shanon Taylor and Danny Green, funny how Green offers to help anyone who is fighting Mundine :)

He has picked 2 of Australias best boxers to work with in the lead up to this fight.

Keats whats the word on the boxing scene? Anyone find any odds?/

PPl I know reckon the man within 5


Good luck Juarne, give him hell.

Justin BET365 has for a win Mundine 1/14 and Dowling 6's.
Think Mundine has an easy night ahead but i hope i'm wrong and it turns into a good fight.

Think word on the boxing scene is you have a good world boxer against a good Austrlain boxer.

Go you good thing Juarne.