Goodnight boxing...

Lets count the things wrong with tonight.

First off, this is the big show... the big hurrah. A guy who lost to better fighters in DLH loses what boils down to a dance contest against PBF, who's best offence seems to be not getting hit and letting the guy tire himself...and we are supposed to believe that this settles the best PFP fighter arguement.

With that? ... sorry not impressed. PBF shows exactly the difference between the heart of boxing and the heart of fighting. A fighter goes to fight, and PBF fought not to my opinion, the man didn't WIN shit.

Also, please fill me in on the great card tonight. Tell me about the undercard that stole the show and we will soon see these guys come up as contenders for a belt? Yes?....Soon to be greats on their way?

I didn't really believe that boxing was on the decline until can anybody that's a fan of both be willing to spend twice as much on a show thats half as good? I love wrestling, grappling and kickboxing with a similar zeal that I enjoy boxing, but no way would I pay to watch what boils down to two guys do any of these things for 50 bucks.

I will continue to watch and enjoy boxing, but buy a PPV? They can kiss my ass...I will watch it on HBO or at a buddies house if I don't have anything better to do that night.

Between the fiasco olympic boxing has become and 50 dollar PPV snoozefests involving a multi-millonare fight a weak, half-hearted fight and then retire claiming to be the greatest PFP fighter on the planet has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Goodnight boxing...I had my doubts but they have been cleaned up. I will always be a fan but my money goes to MMA from this point forward... and only MMA.


Indeed their are boring fights on an MMA card... there always will be. There are always exciting fights on an MMA card and their always will be.

This is something boxing doesn't and won't ever seem to have...just my opinion, but I don't my opinion will show false in the future of fighting sports.

I love Boxing and I used to love Lampley as a Boxing announcer, it actually hurt me to hear Lamps take that jab at MMA. I still love Boxing, but I'll cut back on my PPV ordering. I will be at Cotto-Judah live at Madison Square Garden and will order any Pacquiao fight, but thats it.

I won't...I will watch it for free after the fact.

Did that dufus really have the gall to take a shot at MMA after that Circus act?

That's like the titanic making fun of iceburgs right before sinking... how brutally ironic.

"I don't think anyone who watched that fight will be burning with desire to buy another like that" time the boxing hype-wagon comes around talking about the next big thing, I will remember PBF vs DLH...especially given the now-blossoming arugments that seem to be showing up between the two sports.

I will remember and save my money for a better show.

Doesn't PBF fight like that all the time? Why are you so shocked?

Boxing has always bored me to death.

"Why are you so shocked?"

Shocked isn't the right word... what is?

How about disapointed?

How about unexcited?

How about in no way buying that this guy is the best PFP fighter in the world?

Boxing won't die. I have been a boxing fans for twenty five years now. I love the sport and mma. The fight was boring but just last week the Freitas fight was great. Watch all the fights now just the big hyped ones and you will see some great matches.

Manny Pacquiao is #1 P4P in Boxing to me, at least he puts it out on the line.

"Watch all the fights now just the big hyped ones and you will see some great matches."

Probably... but I don't wanna buy 10 fights to see 2 good ones, especially when I can catch the playback someplace else.

Their wasn't an Edgar/Griffin or Gomi/Diaz to save this.

Hell their wasn't even a finish...there was nothing. I can't take solace in anything I've seen tonight being good, and I never have that feeling watching MMA that I paid money to watch.

My dollar will go elsewhere.