Goodridge vs Don Frye: pictures

Gary Goodridge vs Don Frye: Peace and''um grande abraço''

He finally got his revenge!!

TTT 4 Goodridge!!

"Since when does Gary throw combinations?"

Since long ago

"Since when does he throw high kicks?"

Since now

"Why doesn't Gary throw a few extra shots after his opponent is down? he does it everytime."

He doesn't do that every time and Frye was clearly out, that's probably why

As i wrote before, this fight was very similar to Yvel vs Goodridge fight.Another match that many UG members called before to watch it.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

What will Big daddy be doing now that he's retired?

Is that Randleman's wife in the pic???

I think that's Gary's sister...

(calling 1-800 Flowers)

Nice!!....Thanks alot!!

Great pics!

good for win for gary... very impressive...

it seems frye was better at his real competition weight... he put too much muscle on.. he's slower, and has no gas...

Gary has improved.


Fryes health is going to suffer he has had some tough fights. His ankle being hurt by Ken, yoshida busting his arm, Lebanner's devastating KO ect.


Looks like he caught Frye with the shin,hard. Man,getting kicked solidly to the head by a guy that size,yikes. That was one big win for Gary,good for him!

"I think that's Gary's sister... "

hmmm,I see she's in traditional Trinidadian/Jamaican/Guyanese uniform.

Not bad.

"Since when do fighters not improve?"

He IS hanging out with Kevin "same as it ever was" Randleman.

unbeleivable. Props to gary. I wonder why DOn Frye got invited to participate in the HW GP, though? I don't think this was a work, but that's strange.

I'm a huge Don Frye fan, but he has completely stunk up the place since his "comeback". He's the one that really needs to retire, imo.