Google caves to muslims

The fuck????

So I google map for the Azores and notice everywhere thats a muslim country, the name of cities and countrys have arab written on them. T/F going on in this world?

the terrorists have won.

When it is you are out of gas. Phone Post 3.0

whats an azore?

duckdentistry - whats an azore?

It's what happens to your butthole when out of gas in a muslim country

there's a whole town of these people, kind of a support group, on an island somewhere in the middle of the atlantic.


Apparently sreiter wants to go there, hrmm

the azores are a archipelago in the mid atlantic - i was reading about the pirate ned low, who spent time pillaging around there

An ex gf of mine is from there.

Fuckin eh she was fine. Dem Portuguese doe. Phone Post 3.0

My family is from the Azores. It's like the deliverance of Portugal. Phone Post 3.0