Google closed at $509

God damn I thought that it was too high at $400, fuck shows what I know. It closed at $509 a share today:

Same here. I baulked at buying more at $450. Oops.

google sucks ass now for searches. aweful prioritization.

MSN has a ton of bullshit on it. Their spam filtering/anti-results-manipulating code is shit.

Cramer says it's going to $750.

Actually Cramer says $835.

don't bet on it holding up long term

Cramer's take is that it deserves the highest P/E in the market at around 55 and it is trading at 40 times earnings.

Google Cramer, it says take Cramer's advice.

"Actually Cramer says $835."

When did you hear this?

I heard $750 on his CNBC segment w/ Melissa Lee @ 11:40 this morning.

On his website. Sorry $825

"When will people understand that it is, in the end, the P/E -- the price of the stock divided by the earnings -- that controls?

I have been inundated with questions about where Google (GOOG - news - Cramer's Take - Rating) can go, as if it's a plane that is breaking the sound barrier and people want to know if it can possibly get to Mach 5. You have to figure out what Google is worth based on what it will earn and what people will pay for it.

I don't understand why Google doesn't command the highest multiple in the market, something like 55 times, but the absurdity of saying $825 to those who don't understand this kind of analysis causes immense problems.

People think you get it out of thin air.

Google is going higher. It is going higher now.

Because getting to $600 -- where it is valued at only 40 times earnings -- seems, alas, not that hard.

When it gets there, I will leave it to those who like to clock the velocity of planes."

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but you guys are seriously hung up on Google.

Google is something you shouldn't even be interested in. There are plenty...PLENTY of stocks out there giving 10 times the return that Google has. You're looking at it from a price standpoint.

There's a lot better stock to own. I bought KNOT at about 15 bucks. It's now close to 30. By far a better investment than Google if you had the same amount invested.

Forget about the price of the stock. You could own 2 shares of Google for a grand. You could own 40 shares of KNOT for a grand.

Ultimately, which one is going to double your money? Fuck the price dude. Google is a piece of shit to get in on this late in the game. Anybody buying google is like somebody buying real estate at the market peak.

Whether google goes to 750 or not is insignificant.

Also, anybody listening to Mad Money at this point, deserves to have their money taken from them.

I am still waiting for my flavored milk investment to pay off Jinx.

ironyuppie, that's been a shitty run hasn't it?

My PDLI and KNOT are way up though. I hope you didn't bet the farm.

Knot I bought at 15.5 and it's at 27.50 or so.

"I am still waiting for my flavored milk investment to pay off Jinx."

You really bought that stock? I knew that one was a turd!

i only invested $500 more as just a curiosity.

I will say that your CTRP recommendation is up a bit more than 20% since you mentioned it a few months back.


I am talking about people looking to jump into that stock right now. I'm not talking about people who bought in at the IPO. Nearly none of you got in at 85 dollars. If you did, good for you...let it ride.

Most people are talking about getting at $500 bucks like it's a good buy or some shit. It is not a good buy at this price. You should have bought at 185... It's like those Gold people who are like, "BUY GOLD, SUCH A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE TONS OF CASH." Yeah maybe 2 years ago it was...if you got in at the beginning.

Trying to get onto a rocket after it already blasted off is beyond crazy. But that's the way humans operate. They see other people buying this or that and it's rising in price and they think they can be in on it. Not going to happen.

It works with everything from Gold to Soybeans to Oil & Energy to Beanie Babies to Real Estate. Fucking same everywhere. The truth is, only the first 1% ever make a decent profit. By the time the other 99% jump on board, forget about it.

That is my point. Trying to buy google now is just trying to get in on something that already popped. Google would have to grow at an alarming rate if it is to be worth 550 or even 750. Do the math. The price can rise sure, but at that point it's just inflated speculation.

Yeah Shawn C knows everything. Ask him about his picks, I'm sure they're real gems.

RF426, those numbers are pointless unless you got in on Google at $85 a share.

looking at recent performance, if Jinx finds a stock that is likely to double his investment, it is in all likelyhood going to outperform buying Google at face value right now, unless you think Google is going to hit $1000 or so.

yeah, I know Jinx has his crazy rants, but this one is pretty dead on.

ah, sorry RF426. didn't see your new post.