Google is blatantly censoring music and other information

All arguing aside, i did this a while back with an 80’s song.

Couldn’t remember any specific lyric, just knew it was the song that went Oh! Oh! Oh!..oh! OH! Oh! Oh!

Googled shit like “what 80’s song goes oh oh oh oh oh oh” lol. Took a long time, with google not finding me what I was looking for. Finally stumbled upon some random message board where someone else asked the same thing, and got the answer i was looking for.

Finally !

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Reminds me of the occasional OG thread where someone asks what movie they are thinking of , based on one poorly remembered (and possibly mis-remembered) scene.

OP tried to expose google, but he showed us hes homo.

i dont like this new cheddar man. he has been taken over by a nefarious shadow.

Cheese gone bad.

Great fucking tune. Thanks for the memory.


Great thread lol.

Seriously I love waking up to someone losing their shit over nothing.

Next do the McDonalds ice cream machine! It’s always intentionally down! Am I right?

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I was expecting this to be google censoring election results, Epstein stuff, Hunter’s laptop, etc. But now they are censoring meaningless lyrics to random 80s songs? THATS TOO FAR

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Cheddar man

Won’t you help me

Cause I’m tired of these dreams

music has a lot more meaning than epstein

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Literally googled Enigma on my phone just now and…front page…