Google loves you. google will show you how to get your normal life back. watch

Big tech loves us folks. They really do. they care about us.



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this is some tone deaf clown world garbage.
the problem with a lot of these companies is that they are living in such a huge filter bubble they don’t know how dumb their shit looks.
they are completely out of touch with reality and logos

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i thought it was clever advertising when i saw it

It’s amazing… the whole “get back what you love…” We only were restricted by a small group of elected officials who convinced a large portion of this country, with the help of the media that covid is something to be feared, and of course if you’re immune compromised or a fat fuck take precautions, but the rest of us, the people who don’t abuse themselves all put our life on hold for these individuals. Think if in any random year, 2000, we had to close our country down for the flu… that’s essentially what we did. I’m not convinced this thing is more contagious than this and that, when u look at the numbers for the flu, and covid, where only 6% died from just having covid… they took the flu numbers in hospitals and put them as covid, for that federal $$… there’s been whistleblower nurse videos that have shown as much.

We killed the economy, we printed trillions of $ out of thin air (why are we paying taxes again?) we’re allowing China to rule our schools, that includes ones that we as tax payers fund… for this virus, that if you’re not over 60 and not riddled with medical issues, you survive 99.98% of the time.

I mean if you step back and look at that, if you think that sounds normal… then me and you probably ain’t got a lot in common. But fuck our elected officials. They should’ve been without a pay check and unable to wield such power through executive orders over something like this… a weaponized hysteria pushed through the media.


It’s like someone stealing your car, fucking it up with cum stains on the seats, smoke smell, tons of fender benders and door dings… then asking you to THANK THEM for returning you the car THEY STOLE FROM U

Americans are so fucking stupid - they’ll probably give this shitfest an award.

americans have been turned out. it’s really that simple.
tehre is no dignity

very few americans if any have any dignity or self respect left
they know it’s all bullshit. it has nothing to do with money or how well off you are. the spiritual and cultural malaise is everywhere. WAP is the soundtrack for the corona generation. all u need to know

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Interesting point. I get it

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They are doing what the media have been pushing unceasingly. Today local journalists have gone on to rant about the 60+ yo not yet vaccinated by their own choice. They make it clear as day: if we ever want to go back top normal, we all have to be vaccinated, starting with these egotistical old fuckers, the scum. Yet vaccinated people still have to wear masks, socially distance and all that! If they travel they’ll still have to show negative Covid test results. And with the “variants”, they’ll soon say the vaccine has to be taken yearly. Last week they were pushing for vaccination of kids.

because americans have been turned out… simple as that.
it’s not going to end until there are microchips doing vaccine updates by remote control
they are also looking to find the VMAT2 god gene so they can delete it.

I hope someone has been saving these dystopian marketing duds into a youtube time capsule playlist.

Throw it in there with Andrew Cuomo’s “We need culture” Tim & Eric sketch.

yeah good idea to save them. because they could delete it in the future… esp. when it looks even more ridiculous years from now