Google Stocks...

it's suppose to come out soon. where can i buy some?

when does it come out??

file for IPO today, should be out by July

I believe Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston are the underwriters. Double check that, but you'd need to have an account with one of them and put in a bid with the number of shares and the price you're willing to pay.

Did you not learn anything from the 90's?


This IPO is being done differently, like a dutch auction...seriously. I read in the Charlotte paper yesterday that you have to get a bidder ID, put down how much and at what price you're willing to pay for the stock. If its too high, it will be assumed you're speculating and the offer will be rejected. This part of the article was a Knight-Ridder piece. Sounds crazy but I'm serious.

Here ya go:

Q When does the auction begin?

A Nobody knows, but probably next month. Don't panic. Google will have to file a revised registration before we get more details. We'll let you know when they do.

Q What's the first step?

A Google will offer a Web site for investors to visit to get a "unique bidder ID." You will have to meet certain requirements specified by the bankers running the auction, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston. We don't know what the requirements are yet, but we can make a good guess. The auction process was pioneered by San Francisco bank WR Hambrecht, which requires investors to deposit at least $2,000 to open an account. They must then deposit enough additional money to cover the bids they make (see below).

Q After I get the ID, how do I bid?

A You type in how many shares you want, and how much you're willing to pay for them. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the two Google founders, will provide updates on the price ranges they expect. If you offer too much for each share, it will be considered speculative, and rejected.

Q What if I change my mind when I hear the updates?

A Easy. Google wants to give investors plenty of time to rethink their bids, so you can withdraw and rebid. That's because Google will be testing the demand for its shares the entire time, and use that information to decide how many shares to sell and what approximate price range to request. The important thing is to stay informed. For more homework, check Google's filing on our Web site, at

Q How long do I have to bid?

A We don't know yet, but probably the bidding will be open for several weeks while the Securities and Exchange Commission (news - web sites) reviews Google's filings. But you'll need your ID before bidding starts, so don't dally in signing up. At that point, Google has from two hours to 15 business days to decide when to close the auction.

I'm definately not sold on the Google IPO. We'll see how it pans out, of course, but it just feels like there's too much hype.

My mom is looking to invest some cash...not much...maybe a few thousand. I told her about google going public.

For someone with more financial knowledge than I, is this going to be worth pursuing? Is there any fast money to be had there? She don't need fast money persay, but she it planning to retire in a few years and would prefer something that did not need a quick climb up the mountain.