Googling with the MMA stars

Alright, inspired by Conan. I'll start. Don't ban me.

HOW IT WORKS: These are hypothetical searches these MMA personalities would type into the Google search engine.

For instance, an attorney wanting an answer about use of reasonable force would type something like: Force + reasonable + use of


Frank Mir: Overcoming your fears + positive reinforcement + motorcycle-shaped cake

Rich Franklin: Anderson "the Spider" Silva + rematch with + 50 gallon drum of insecticide

Tim Sylvia: Belt + Things to do after a loss to Fedor + autoerotic asphyxiation

GSP: Making it work + Mandy Moore + testosterone therapy


Kirik: Combining sports + MMA + scuba diving

Diego Sanchez: Party with guy friends + doing + THIS

Quadros: Street fight + weapon of choice + urinal

I don't get it.

Me + this thread: Attention + whore + celibacy

I edited my first post

Harold Howard: wifebeater + flip-kicks
+ if you're gonna come on, COME ON

Keith Hackney= side control + groin strikes + mullet -GIANT

jaseprobst: Saving this thread + reward + my place or yours

Now that everyone has had their four-martini lunch, this thread will take off

2JupitersTooMany Overly clever thread idea + internet humor +geek factor +loofa

Me: thread + casket + express courier

Cheick Kongo = MMA fighter + Cro Cop Nuts - ground game

Broke the rules I guess but does it still work? Ha!

Alright, you drunk bastards. Get on the Google(tm) train.

Too early? Too early.

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I'm throwing this out there: I'm a fan of White Russians. I just added a secret ingredient that took it to a new level. That's right, a shake of cinnamon. How dare you not post on my thread on this important night.

Dana White + do you wanna be a + Fuck + Fuck + Fucking + Fucks