GoonSquad/CSA/Cesar Gracie in action this Sat!

My bro James 'Snake' Chaney is fighting main event for Sparta Combat League this Sat in Denver,CO so any UG members around make sure to go & kick it w/us after! He's main event vs Kris 'Captain Awesome' Hocum. Also we're always looking for more sponsor support for future fights...we appreciate any help!

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Ticket price? I live up north but might be able to come down if I can make work schedule work... Phone Post

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Cheapest tickets r only $30 I believe man Phone Post

Hey if u come down ill let u into our VIP after party at platinum Phone Post


What ever happens to you? Last I saw you kicked the shit out of a tough as hell John Gunderson then....... Nothing. Crickets dude you disappeared. What's the deal? Phone Post

Escudero fought Camoes, Camoes won, pulled out of title fight w/me cuz we're coo, shitty Tachi did me how they always do...shitty! Fought Steve Lopez in LV, ref took a point 4 elbow 2 side of his head, got my win changed 2 a draw. Fought Anderson Silva's top LW in LV & got ripped off where Dana White, Sven Bean, every1, & even Anderson came & told me I did, went 2 Russia 2 fight as a favor 2 Ken Pavia, had 2 mysteriously lose 3 extra lbs day of weigh in's, opponent mysteriously got changed day of weigh in's, they added a mysterious round mid fight, & in the middle of the mysterious round as we circled each other, stopped it & said he won. Got surgery from car accident, year off, now tryna come back but 12 guys turned me down so far. Oh & Guns is cool

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Big thanks to Sparta combat league, they just hooked me up with tickets to the fights! Phone Post

alkysmurf - Big thanks to Sparta combat league, they just hooked me up with tickets to the fights! Phone Post
Yea the promoter is 1 of the FEW solid 1's left Phone Post 3.0

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Live HD stream at 2pm TODAY Phone Post 3.0

I've got a ticket for the event left if anyone wants it. Phone Post

Luchau wasn`t the matchmaker.Goodman was.

fedor_saku_wand - Jesus christ thats some bad luck. Hopefully Tachi will give you some fights and keep the belt you earned alive, the fight with John was sick. What happened with Tachi, they didnt give their champ fights? I never knew what to think of Luchau, is he gunna be doing the match making again?

If Im around this afternoon $10 for an event is reasonable, anyone to keep an eye on? Wasnt Chaney on TUF or is that a different guy?
Shitty people in charge Phone Post 3.0