Goran Reljic WTF?

You have a great showing and then disappear for a year? Please explain yourself. Does anyone know when he's due back?

Search function noob.

 This is a joke, right?

Mad Xyientist -
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Mad Xyientist -  This is a joke, right?

Yes. It is.

 hes the new phillip miller

BoNeSaW -  hes the new phillip miller

Yeah what the hell happened to him? He beat Shields I remember...back in the day. Someone brought him up a few years ago but never knew what became of him.



 David Terrell was the new Phillip Miller.

Goran is the new David Terrell

Too busy throwing his back out lifting cars off of drowning folk

A hero who, while injured and in pain, rescued people trapped in a sinking car.

The Goran Reljic threads are like a virus.