gordie howe vs todays tuff guys?

how would he do against todays tuff guys like laracque, domi, brasher, etc? I've heard that howe only had 2 fights in his career and that in 1 of them he wrecked the toughest guy in the league in about 5 seconds.

in any case you gotta love those old school superstars like howe and orr. Unlike gretzky and lemeiux when push came to shove they could lay the smack down.

actually Lemieux has thrown down a few times and really laid the smack down. Especially back when the Pens were playing the Caps in the playoffs many years ago. It was in the mid 90's, but I forget which year. It was when the Caps had Jim Carey in net.

Anyways, I think Howe would get wasted by todays top tough guys (brashear not included, because all brashear would do is give him a big hug the entire "fight" like he always does because he is afraid to get hit)

Not superstars, but Bob Probert, Dave Brown, Dave Semenko, just to name a few, would school most of todays toughguys.

"I've heard that howe only had 2 fights in his career and that in 1 of them he wrecked the toughest guy in the league in about 5 seconds. "

Huh? You might be talking about Sid Howe. lol

Gordie was EASILY the most feared player to play the game. Most hockey historians will agree that Gordie would change the entire game. He was intimidating in both his physical game and his scoring. He wouldn't hesitate to hurt you with his elbows, stick or fists. He was a downright mean fucker. Nasty and mean. And as soon as you tried to play physical with him, he would turn around and beat you on the scoreboard.

Who can do that in todays game? Most goons score 5, maybe 10 goals a year. They are 4th liners that get 10 minutes a game. No one is intimindated by Domis or Brashears ability to score.

And on a pure physical comparison, Gordie would more than hold his own. Most of the goons of today weight train year-round. The old guys didn't do that. But, in Gordie's era, EVERYONE knew how to scrap. Its not like you could rough up some inexpierenced punk. Most guys could throw down.

I'd take Gordie.


Gordie Howe would be about 20-30 lbs heavier if he played in modern times.

lol gretzy would have been gordies bitch in that era

actually i remember watching a doc on howe and they showed a pic of him with his shirt off. man he was devoloped. i would say he was mcsorely sized but even more defined. he looked like an amateur bodybuilder. i also remember they showed a clip of howe elbowing a guy who wasn't expecting it. knocked him out cold.

He's still one tough old fucker.

Remember, he played in an IHL game a couple years ago.


Mark1 is correct, have never heard of the gordie howe hat trick? goal, assist, fight

and he would break the timber over anyones head in the league today...and laugh about it

He had Farm Strength then later add to that old Man Strength..Not a guy to be messed with, him and guys like Maurice Richard were legitimately feared because they were tough as hell, could score like few others and were fucking crazy.He wasn't a one dimensional goon so push come to shove he'd hang but wouldn't be beating the hell out of guys like Laraque who are more concerned with fighting.

"I've also heard that the reason Messier never gets into fights is that pretty much everyone in the league today is scared shitless of him."

That may have been true in the 80's but Messier isn't feared anymore.It's more a matter of respect now for an icon.

Spanky,you forgot about the Dad Strength.stupid fool

And, of course, Gordie wore the winged wheel. that right there makes him one tough SOB.

Ted Lindsey too.